Ordinary Citizens Concerned

Our Concerns.

We want you to know about our concerns. They have been centered around waste management in Washington County, but we are looking at other possible areas of concern.

With regard to waste management, we have focused on three areas.

Promoting Composting

On Saturday, November 13, 2011, we were one of the sponsors of a Master Composting Class.

Opposing Unregulated and Poorly Regulated Incineration

On June 1, 2010, we held a forum at the Greenwich Free Library on the Hudson Falls Incinerator.

Promoting Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

Our task force on Extended Producer Responsibility is currently inactive. Contact us for if you wish to help us start it up again.

We also want you to know what we find special about southern Washington County. Take a look at our photo exhibition.

We are also concerned about zoning in the Town of Greenwich.

And we have also been concerned about a 108-unit development that John Witt proposed building in the village of Greenwich/Town of Easton. (The location is 57 acres on southeast corner of Rt. 74 and Rt. 372). While Mr. Witt and his associates no longer own this property, the concerns that we had apply to any large-scale development proposed for southern Washington County.

Photo of organizing meeting by Clifford Oliver