Ordinary Citizens Concerned

Greenwich Citizen's Committee, Inc.

Greenwich Zoning

The concerns we had during the debate on and adoption of zoning in the Town of Greenwich are best understood by reading a series of articles from our local newspaper, MAIN STREET

The first article, "Crafting Greenwich's First-Ever Zoning Ordinance," appeared on December 20, 2006, and summarized the work of the Zoning Commission and citizens' reactions to it.

The second article, "Zoning Ping-Pong in Greenwich," appeared on January 24, 2007, and focused on the January 4th Commission meeting in which "significant elements of the zoning ordinance were revisited. In some cases previously agreed upon decisions were undone or changed by the zoning commission."

The third article, "Decision Time is Nearing: Greenwich Zoning Committee Holds Final Public Hearing," appeared on February 7, 2007, and focused on the February 2 Commission meeting "before nearly 100 people."

The fourth article, "Closing In on the Final Proposal," appeared on March 7, 2007, and focused on the March 1st Commission meeting where "an audience of more than 30 people watched silently as members of the public were not allowed to speak.

The fifth article, "Yet Another 'Development' in the Greenwich Zoning Saga," appeared on March 21st and focused on the March 12, 2007 joint meeting with the Commission and the Town Board, in which "Town Supervisor Don Wilbur casually floated 'an idea for consideration.' Wilbur suggested that the town rezone some land in the rural agricultural zone to encourage high-density residential development."

The sixth article, "Greenwich Town Board, March 13, 2007," also appeared March 21, 2007, and focused on the March 13 Board Meeting, where Supervisor Wilbur asserted the right of the town board to modify the zoning in any way it sees fit.

The seventh article, "Greenwich Town Board Meeting, April 10: Zoning Issues Dominate," appeared on April 18, 2007. After two hours of public commentary on Supervisor Wilbur's suggestion for rezoning agricultural land for high-density development (see fifth article), "Wilbur said he would withdraw the request to look at expanding the residential zone and ask to adopt the zoning ordinance as is."

Photo of organizing meeting by Clifford Oliver